Ivan Milat

Backpacker murder

  Active for 1 year
(1900) in Australia




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Ivan Milat Convicted of the Backpacker murders; sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences plus 18 years without the possibility of parole. May have had accomplices.

Ivan Milat Serial Killer Profile

Serial Killer Ivan Milat (aka) Backpacker murder, was active for 1 year in 1900, known to have ( 7 confirmed / 7 possible ) victims. This serial killer was active in the following countries: Australia

Ivan Milat was born on December 27th 1944 in Guildford, suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Milat a male citizen of Australia.

In 1900 (Age 44/43) Ivan Milat started his killing spree, during his crimes as a serial killer he was known to murder his victims.

Ivan Milat died on October 27th 2019 (Age 74), cause of death: natural causes, esophageal cancer at Long Bay Correctional Centre, prison in New South Wales, Australia.

Profile Completeness: 34%
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Ivan Milat a known:

Ivan Milat
Serial Killer Profile:

Updated: 2021-03-05 Collected by Killer.Cloud
General Information
Name: Ivan Milat
Nickname: Backpacker murder
Victims: 7 - 7
Years Active: 1900 - 1900
Ages Active: 44/43 - 44/43
Active Countries: Australia
Convicted Of: murder
Life Span: 1944 - 2019
Gender: Male
Citizenship: Australia
Sexual Preference: N/A
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Dec 22 - Jan 20
Birth Month: December
Marital Status: N/A
Children: N/A
Living With: N/A
Occupation: criminal, serial killer
Childhood Information
D.O.B.: Dec 27, 1944
Native Name: Ivan Robert Marko Milat
Family Name: Milat
Given Name: Ivan
Birth Location: Guildford, suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Birth Order: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Raised By: N/A
Birth Category: N/A
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A

Cognitive Ability
Highest School: N/A
Highest Degree:

Arrested: N/A
Convicted: N/A
Sentence: N/A
Prison Location: N/A
Executed: N/A
Previous Crimes: N/A
Previous Jail: N/A
Previous Prison: N/A

Death Information
Death Date: Oct 27, 2019 (Age 74)
Manner of Death: natural causes
Cause of Death: esophageal cancer
Death Location: Long Bay Correctional Centre, prison in New South Wales, Australia
Killed In Prison: FALSE
Suicide: FALSE
10 Timeline Events of Serial Killer
Ivan Milat

The 10 dates listed below represent a timeline of the life and crimes of serial killer Ivan Milat. A complete collection of serial killer events can be found on our Serial Killer Timeline.

Date Event Description
(Age 44/45)
Ivan Milat started his serial killing spree. #1900
(Age 43/44)
Ivan Milat ended his serial killing spree. #1900
Dec 27 1944Ivan Milat was born in Guildford, suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.  #19441227
Dec 27 1964
(Age 20)
20th Birthday
Dec 27 1974
(Age 30)
30th Birthday
Dec 27 1984
(Age 40)
40th Birthday
Dec 27 1994
(Age 50)
50th Birthday
Dec 27 2004
(Age 60)
60th Birthday
Dec 27 2014
(Age 70)
70th Birthday
Oct 27 2019
(Age 74)
Ivan Milatdied.cause of death:natural causes,esophageal cancerat Long Bay Correctional Centre, prison in New South Wales, Australia. #20191027

Serial Killers By Active Year

2 / 40
Serial Killer
Boolean Questions:
suicide FALSE 225
killed in prison FALSE 218

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14 Books that mention Serial Killer
Ivan Milat

ISBN10 Book Title Killers
0953797643 Serial Killers 7
0857987518 Australia's Most Murderou... 1
0753547228 The Serial Killers 7
174343507x Milat 1
1742693814 Inside Their Minds 2
0522851517 The Artificial Horizon 1
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1742624049 Sins of the Brother 1
076192437x Encyclopedia of Murder an... 10
1741761425 Inside Their Minds 2
1921681527 Innocent Until Proven 1
0816069875 The Encyclopedia of Seria... 108
0992497752 The Milat Letters 1
1742571190 Milat 1

Ivan Robert Marko Milat (27 December 1944 – 27 October 2019) was an Australian serial killer who was convicted of the backpacker murders in 1996. Milat, commonly known as the "Backpacker Murderer", assaulted, imprisoned, robbed and subsequently murdered two men and five women in New South Wales between 1989 and 1993.

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