John Martin Crawford

The Lady Killer

  Active for 12 years
(1981-1992) in Canada




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John Martin Crawford a Canadian serial killer known as The Lady Killer. Crawford was sentenced to ten years imprisonment in 1981. He was released in 1989. Crawford raped tortured and killed three native Saskatoon women in 1992. At least on victim had been mutilated by deep bite marks on her breasts. John Martin Crawford was arrested in 1995 and later convicted for the three murders in 1996. In 2001, Warren Goulding wrote a book about Crawfords crimes titled: Just Another Indian – A Serial Killer and Canada’s Indifference. In 2006, Jeremy Torrie wrote and directed a movie about Crawford's crimes titled: Mr. Soul, a serial killer whose murder of Aboriginal women went unreported and ignored by police and media. The movie is based on Warren Goulding’s 2001 book.

John Martin Crawford Serial Killer Profile

Serial Killer John Martin Crawford (aka) The Lady Killer, was active for 12 years between 1981-1992, known to have ( 4 confirmed / 4 possible ) victims. This Serial Killer was active in the following countries: Canada

John Martin Crawford was born on March 29th 1962 in Steinbach, city in Manitoba, Canada. He was born 1st of 3 children and raised by his mother and step-father. Crawford was raised as a oldest child and had two, one half-brother and one half-sister. His father, an unnamed alcoholic man who worked as a taxi driver. His mother, an unnamed woman who was unmarried when John was born. His father abused alcohol and/or drugs. He had a physically defect. During his education he had academic, social or discipline problems, including being teased or picked on. John Martin Crawford was sexually and abused at some point of his life.

Crawford a heterosexual male citizen of Canada. Crawford never married. He had no children.

Prior to his spree he had killed, commited crimes, served time in jail, and served time in prison. He was known to abuse alcohol and drugs. He saw a psychologist and spent time in a Forensic Hospital.

In 1981 (Age 18/19) John Martin Crawford started his killing spree, during his crimes as a serial killer he was known to torture, strangle, rape, mutilate, and murder his victims. At the time of his crimes he was living with his mother, where Crawford was known to work as a serial killer.

Profile Completeness: 78%
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John Martin Crawford a known:

John Martin Crawford
Serial Killer Profile:

Updated: 2019-04-02 Collected by Killer.Cloud
General Information
Name: John Martin Crawford
Nickname: The Lady Killer
Victims: 4 - 4
Years Active: 1981 - 1992
Ages Active: 18/19 - 29/30
Active Countries: Canada
Convicted Of: murder
Life Span: 1962 -     
Gender: Male
Citizenship: Canada
Sexual Preference: heterosexual
Astrological Sign: Aries
Mar 20 - Apr 20
Marital Status: never married
Children: no children
Living With: his mother
Occupation: serial killer
Childhood Information
D.O.B.: Mar 29, 1962
Native Name: John Martin Crawford
Family Name: Crawford
Given Name: John
Birth Location: Steinbach, city in Manitoba, Canada
Birth Order: 1st of 3
Siblings: two, one half-brother and one half-sister
Rasied By: his mother and step-father
Birth Category: oldest child
Mother: an unnamed woman who was unmarried when John was born
Father: an unnamed alcoholic man who worked as a taxi driver

Cognitive Ability
Highest School: N/A
Highest Degree:

Arrested: N/A
Convicted: N/A
Sentence: life imprisonment, three terms
Prison Location: Saskatchewan Federal Penitentiary in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
Executed: N/A
Previous Crimes: TRUE
Previous Jail: TRUE
Previous Prison: TRUE

Death Information
Death Date: N/A
Cause of Death: N/A
Death Location: N/A
Killed In Prison: N/A
Suicide: N/A
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Serial Killers By Active Year

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Serial Killer
Boolean Questions:
father drug abuse TRUE 178
problems in school TRUE 198
teased in school TRUE 197
physically defect TRUE 261
sexually abused TRUE 200
drug abuse TRUE 204
alcohol abuse TRUE 202
psychologist TRUE 231
forensic hospital TRUE 230
previous crimes TRUE 295
previous jail TRUE 289
previous prision TRUE 282
previous killed TRUE 194
used weapon TRUE 358
rape TRUE 408
torture TRUE 353
strangle TRUE 354
mutilated TRUE 357
living with children FALSE 238
mother drug abuse FALSE 181
speach defect FALSE 260
head injury FALSE 259
physically abused FALSE 203
psychologically abused FALSE 198
kill at killers home FALSE 279
kill at victims home FALSE 280
used gun FALSE 354
stalk FALSE 340
blindfold FALSE 299
bound FALSE 313
sex with body FALSE 350
ate part of body FALSE 369
drank blood FALSE 359
posed body FALSE 302
totem body part FALSE 300
totem personal item FALSE 296
robbed FALSE 331

Books that Mention John Martin Crawford

Book: The Kalevala (mentions serial killer John Martin Crawford)
John Martin Crawford
The Kalevala

1 Books that mention Serial Killer
John Martin Crawford

ISBN10 Book Title Killers
1356038883 The Kalevala 1

John Martin Crawford (born 29 March 1962) is a Canadian serial killer.

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