Christine Falling

Christine Laverne Slaughter

  Active for 3 years
(1980-1982) in United States




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Christine Falling (born Christine Laverne Slaughter) an American serial killer who was sentenced to life imprisonment in December 1982.

Christine Falling Serial Killer Profile

Serial Killer Christine Falling (aka) Christine Laverne Slaughter, was active for 3 years between 1980-1982, known to have ( 6 confirmed / 6 possible ) victims. This serial killer was active in the following countries: United States

Christine Falling was born on March 12th 1963 in Perry, city in Taylor County, Florida, United States.

Christine Falling a female citizen of the United States of America. She took an intelligence quotient test before or after her crimes, Christine Falling had an IQ of 69.

In 1980 (Age 16/17) Christine Falling started her killing spree, during her crimes as a serial killer she was known to murder her victims.

Profile Completeness: 31%
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Christine Falling has been listed on Killer.Cloud since September of 2018 and was last updated 5 years ago.

Christine Falling a known:

Christine Falling
Serial Killer Profile:

Updated: 2018-10-11 Collected by Killer.Cloud
General Information
Name: Christine Laverne Falling
Nickname: Christine Laverne Slaughter
Victims: 6 - 6
Years Active: 1980 - 1982
Ages Active: 16/17 - 18/19
Active Countries: United States
Convicted Of: murder
Life Span: 1963 -     
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States of America
Sexual Preference: N/A
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Feb 18 - Mar 20
Birth Month: March
Marital Status: N/A
Children: N/A
Living With: N/A
Occupation: serial killer
Childhood Information
D.O.B.: Mar 12, 1963
Given Name: Christine
Birth Location: Perry, city in Taylor County, Florida, United States
Birth Order: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Raised By: N/A
Birth Category: N/A
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A

Cognitive Ability
IQ: 69
Highest School: N/A
Highest Degree:

Arrested: N/A
Convicted: N/A
Sentence: life imprisonment
Prison Location: N/A
Executed: N/A
Previous Crimes: N/A
Previous Jail: N/A
Previous Prison: N/A

Death Information
Death Date: N/A
Cause of Death: N/A
Death Location: N/A
Killed In Prison: N/A
Suicide: N/A
8 Timeline Events of Serial Killer
Christine Falling

The 8 dates listed below represent a timeline of the life and crimes of serial killer Christine Falling. A complete collection of serial killer events can be found on our Serial Killer Timeline.

Date Event Description
Mar 12 1963Christine Falling was born in Perry, city in Taylor County, Florida, United States.  #19630312
(Age 16/17)
Christine Falling started her serial killing spree. #1980
(Age 18/19)
Christine Falling ended her serial killing spree. #1982
Mar 12 1983
(Age 20)
20th Birthday
Mar 12 1993
(Age 30)
30th Birthday
Mar 12 2003
(Age 40)
40th Birthday
Mar 12 2013
(Age 50)
50th Birthday
Mar 12 2023
(Age 60)
60th Birthday
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The Heart Is an Instrument
Book: The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers (mentions serial killer Christine Falling)
Michael Newton
The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers

9 Books that mention Serial Killer
Christine Falling

ISBN10 Book Title Killers
1548318957 Here's to Falling 1
1847657419 Falling Glass 1
0425213900 Female Serial Killers 30
1480444502 Everyday Psychokillers: A... 1
0989795888 Boundaries 1
081472759x Babysitter 1
0870239422 The Heart Is an Instrumen... 1
0816069875 The Encyclopedia of Seria... 108
1135885443 True to Form 1

Christine Laverne Falling (born Christine Laverne Slaughter on March 12, 1963, in Perry, Florida) is an American serial killer.

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