Johnny Avalos

San Antonio serial killer

  Active for 4 years
(2012-2015) in United States




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Johnny Avalos (Johnny Joe Avalos) an American serial killer and rapist known as the San Antonio serial killer. Avalos murdered five women in San Antonio, Texas between 2012 and 2015. He would strangle his victims, raping some after death. His previous charges range from making terroristic threats, criminal mischief and possession of a controlled substance. Avalos confessed to killing Vanessa Lopez in 2012, Natalie Chavez in 2014, Rosemary Perez and Celia Lopez in 2015. He also admitted to attacking Genevieve Ramirez who later died of her injuries in 2015. He was arrested in 2015. On February 19th 2019, Johnny Avalos was sentenced to two terms of life without the possibility of parole.

Johnny Avalos Serial Killer Profile

Serial Killer Johnny Avalos (aka) San Antonio serial killer, was active for 4 years between 2012-2015, known to have ( 5 confirmed / 5 possible ) victims. This Serial Killer was active in the following countries: United States

Johnny Avalos was born on December 1st 1986

He never married. He had no children.

Prior to his spree he had commited crimes, served time in jail, and served time in prison.

In 2012 (Age 25/26) Johnny Avalos started his killing spree, during his crimes as a serial killer he was known to rob, commit acts of necrophilia, strangle, rape, and murder his victims. At the time of his crimes he was living with himself. alone at his home on Wahrmund Court in San Antonio, Texas.

He was arrested on April 22nd 2015 (Age 28), convicted on February 19th 2019 (Age 32), sentenced to life imprisonment, two terms at the James H. Byrd Jr. Unit in Huntsville, Texas, US.

Profile Completeness: 70%
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Johnny Avalos has been listed on Killer.Cloud since August of 2018 and was last updated 4 years ago.

Johnny Avalos a known:

Johnny Avalos
Serial Killer Profile:

Updated: 2019-05-13 Collected by Killer.Cloud
General Information
Name: Johnny Avalos
Nickname: San Antonio serial killer
Victims: 5 - 5
Years Active: 2012 - 2015
Ages Active: 25/26 - 28/29
Active Countries: United States
Life Span: 1986 -     
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: heterosexual
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Nov 22 - Dec 22
Birth Month: December
Marital Status: never married
Children: no children
Living With: himself. alone at his home on Wahrmund Court in San Antonio, Texas
Childhood Information
D.O.B.: Dec 1, 1986
Birth Location: N/A
Birth Order: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Raised By: N/A
Birth Category: N/A
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A

Cognitive Ability
Highest School: N/A
Highest Degree:

Arrested: Apr 22, 2015 (Age 28)
Convicted: Feb 19, 2019 (Age 32)
Sentence: life imprisonment, two terms
Prison Location: the James H. Byrd Jr. Unit in Huntsville, Texas, US
Executed: N/A
Previous Crimes: TRUE
Previous Jail: TRUE
Previous Prison: TRUE

Death Information
Death Date: N/A
Cause of Death: N/A
Death Location: N/A
Killed In Prison: N/A
Suicide: N/A
7 Timeline Events of Serial Killer
Johnny Avalos

The 7 dates listed below represent a timeline of the life and crimes of serial killer Johnny Avalos. A complete collection of serial killer events can be found on our Serial Killer Timeline.

Date Event Description
Dec 01 1986birth of Johnny Avalos  #19861201
Dec 01 2006
(Age 20)
20th Birthday
(Age 25/26)
Johnny Avalos started his serial killing spree. #2012
(Age 28/29)
Johnny Avalos ended his serial killing spree. #2015
Apr 22 2015
(Age 28)
Johnny Avalos arrested. #20150422
Dec 01 2016
(Age 30)
30th Birthday
Feb 19 2019
(Age 32)
Johnny Avalos was convictedand sentenced to life imprisonment, two terms at the James H. Byrd Jr. Unit in Huntsville, Texas, US.  #20190219
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Serial Killers By Active Year

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Serial Killer
Boolean Questions:
previous crimes TRUE 367
previous jail TRUE 352
previous prision TRUE 336
rape TRUE 453
strangle TRUE 443
sex with body TRUE 430
robbed TRUE 418
physically defect FALSE 300
speach defect FALSE 300
head injury FALSE 299
kill at killers home FALSE 320
kill at victims home FALSE 323
used weapon FALSE 453
used gun FALSE 451
torture FALSE 426
stalk FALSE 418
blindfold FALSE 363
bound FALSE 406
mutilated FALSE 447
ate part of body FALSE 451
drank blood FALSE 442
posed body FALSE 365
totem body part FALSE 365
totem personal item FALSE 354

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3 Books that mention Serial Killer
Johnny Avalos

ISBN10 Book Title Killers
1733630619 Serial Killer Rapists 266
0470156937 The Sixth Family 1
1456806246 The Avelinos 1
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