Unsuspected by: Dolores Borrego Jacobs ISBN10: 1627471596
ISBN10 1627471596
PUBLISHER Cordero Books, LLC
TYPE 208 Page Book
LAST UPDATED: 2016-11-27

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Unsuspected was written by and Dolores Borrego Jacobs. The 208 page book was published by Cordero Books, LLC in 2015 with an ISBN 10 of 1627471596. Most books are now available in ebook, pdf and audible formats. If you need more information about this publication, it can be purchased at Amazon.com or Google Books. If the book is older and/or out of print book try to locate a copy on eBay.com. Unsuspected mentions 1 serial killers including West Mesa Killer. The author Dolores Borrego Jacobs has 1 book(s) listed on Killer.Cloud used for the purpose of documenting facts about Serial Killers listed in our database.

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Book Summary

A serial killer is on the loose in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is burying the bodies of women in shallow graves on the West Mesa. The killer is seductive and methodical as he preys on prostitutes and other lonely women. Those women are later found in shallow graves, but little forensic evidence at the gravesite has not helped to catch the killer and the case remains unsolved. Living in a small peaceful town along the Rio Grande is a troubled family where violence is only a few drinks of gin away. Rosa, a beautiful and resourceful young girl is growing up in a traditional Hispanic family household with her parents and younger brother, Ray. She is flirty and full of life but family secrets and tragedy threaten to overwhelm her. Ray, on the o...

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Unsuspected by: Dolores Borrego Jacobs ISBN10: 1627471596 View 1 books written by
Author Dolores Borrego Jacobs

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