Bus Stop Killer by: Gary Bell ISBN10: 1530061571
ISBN10 1530061571
PUBLISHER Createspace Independent P...
TYPE 54 Page Book
RATING 3.8 / 5.0 Avg.
LAST UPDATED: 2018-08-08

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Bus Stop Killer

Bus Stop Killer

Bus Stop Killer was written by and Gary Bell. The 54 page book was published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform in 2016 with an ISBN 10 of 1530061571. Most books are now available in ebook, pdf and audible formats. If you need more information about this publication, it can be purchased at Amazon.com or Google Books. If the book is older and/or out of print book try to locate a copy on eBay.com. Bus Stop Killer mentions 1 serial killers including Levi Bellfield. The author Gary Bell has 1 book(s) listed on Killer.Cloud used for the purpose of documenting facts about Serial Killers listed in our database.

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Book Summary

Levi Bellfield was an English serial killer-dubbed the "Bus Stop Killer"-because of his practice of staking out bus stops to find his victims; usually young blonde women who he would then stalk after they rejected him while they walked home before attacking them with a hammer. One victim, Kate Sheedy, did not like the looks of Bellfield or his vehicle and attempted to cross the street to get away. She was subsequently run over by Bellfield-twice. Bellfield was ultimately convicted of killing two young blonde women-Marsha McDonnell and Amelie Delagrange-as well as the attempted murder of Sheedy. He was sentenced to life in prison on 26 February 2008 with a recommendation that he should never be released. Then, evidence of a third murder vict...

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