Pirates! by: Celia Rees ISBN10: 1408810352
ISBN10 1408810352
TYPE 384 Page Book
LAST UPDATED: 2018-08-08

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Pirates! was written by and Celia Rees. The 384 page book was published by A&C Black in 2010 with an ISBN 10 of 1408810352. Most books are now available in ebook, pdf and audible formats. If you need more information about this publication, it can be purchased at Amazon.com or Google Books. If the book is older and/or out of print book try to locate a copy on eBay.com. Pirates! mentions 1 serial killers including William Devin Howell. The author Celia Rees has 1 book(s) listed on Killer.Cloud used for the purpose of documenting facts about Serial Killers listed in our database.

This book mentions 1 Serial Killers:

Book Summary

When two young women meet under extraordinary circumstances in the eighteenth-century West Indies, they are unified in their desire to escape their oppressive lives. The first is a slave, forced to work in a plantation mansion and subjected to terrible cruelty at the hands of the plantation manager. The second is a spirited and rebellious English girl, sent to the West Indies to marry well and combine the wealth of two respectable families. But fate ensures that one night the two young women have to save each other and run away to a life no less dangerous but certainly a lot more free. As pirates, they roam the seas, fight pitched battles against their foes and become embroiled in many a heart-quickening adventure. Written in brilliant and...

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Pirates! by: Celia Rees ISBN10: 1408810352 View 1 books written by
Author Celia Rees

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