Sue Israel (Author)

Sue Israel has authored/co-authored at least 4 Book(s) base on or surrounding serial killers. Serial Killers mentioned by this author include and Derrick Todd Lee. Sean Vincent Gillis,

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The below books were authored or co-authored by Sue Israel.

Dismembered by: Susan D. Mustafa ISBN10: 0786028629
Susan D. Mustafa
Blood Bath by: Susan D. Mustafa ISBN10: 0786026812
Susan D. Mustafa
Blood Bath
Blood Bath by: Mustafa Susan D. ISBN10: 0786021330
Mustafa Susan D.
Blood Bath
I've Been Watching You by: Susan D. Mustafa ISBN10: 1425913261
Susan D. Mustafa
I've Been Watching You

4 books Authored by
Sue Israel

ISBN10 Book Title Killers
0786026812 Blood Bath 2
0786028629 Dismembered 2
0786021330 Blood Bath 2
1425913261 I've Been Watching You 2