Piotr Wróbel (Author)

Piotr Wróbel has authored/co-authored at least 2 Book(s) base on or surrounding serial killers. Serial Killers mentioned by this author include Stanislaw Modzelewski.

This Author has 2 book(s) mentioning 1 Serial Killers:

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The below books were authored or co-authored by Piotr Wróbel.

Historical Dictionary of Poland 1945-1996 by: Piotr Wróbel ISBN10: 1135927014
Piotr Wróbel
Historical Dictionary of Poland 1945-1996
Nation and History by: Peter Brock ISBN10: 0802090362
Peter Brock
Nation and History

2 books Authored by
Piotr Wróbel

ISBN10 Book Title Killers
1135927014 Historical Dictionary of Poland 1945-1996 1
0802090362 Nation and History 1